MNK9SS is a State Urban Search and Rescue (SUSAR) ONLY canine team.


MNK9SS handlers are on call 24/7, 365 days a week and are ready to deploy at any moment should disaster strike!

 MNK9SS provides trained dogs and handlers for the search and rescue of living persons who are trapped due to man-made or natural disasters, and we also provide trained dogs and handlers for the search and recovery of deceased persons.

MNK9SS responds ONLY to Minnesota FEMA Task Force One requests, we never self deploy.


MNK9SS services are provided at no cost as a benefit to the public.




Like to write?

We can always use help researching and writing grants that can help benefit our canines and their handlers.

Like working with the media?

We can always use assistance placing stories or ads in local newspapers and magazines, and on the radio and TV.

Want to raise funds for MNK9SS?

Schools, college clubs, scout troops, churches, and service groups throughout Minnesota can assist our mission by organizing fundraising activities, including penny drives, auctions, dog walks, and raffles- in support of MNK9SS canine teams! 

Want to become a MNK9SS handler?

Please understand that USAR canines must undergo extensive training above and beyond basic wilderness search training. From climbing ladders to negotiating unstable surfaces, all MNK9SS canine teams must meet or exceed standards that are equivalent to those used by task forces across the country. 

MNK9SS handlers must also receive specialized training in areas such as structural collapse, confined spaces and rope rescue. 

Interested? Check Out Our Membership Guide Below:

If you think you or your dog have what it takes to be a member of MNK9SS, we encourage you to Contact Us today!

Please note that as of 2021, MNK9SS has only one LF handler position available.

MNK9SS HEADQUARTERS 15620 Sunfish Lake Blvd, Ramsey Minnesota 55303

612-889-7491 Tax ID# 82-3678983

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